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Book Review #1: |Can’t Look Away|Author: Donna Cooner|

Book Review #1

1 Can't Look Away

Title: Can’t Look Away

Author: Donna Cooner

Genre: |Teen Fiction| A pinch of Romance|

This is my first time doing a book review so I apologize for all the mistakes, etc. ^o^”

Let me start on where I got this wonderful book! I bought this at a book fair in my school, but you guys can buy it at http://www.scholastic.com, I bought it for $6.99 (US).

Okay, anyways lets get going to the review, don’t wanna keep you guys waiting. ^_^

This book, “Can’t Look Away” by Donna Cooner is just breathtakingly amazing! It was actually the first book to bring tears in my eyes, how embarrassing, but true. That’s how powerful it is just to swing your emotions from happy to sad to exciting to shocking to what ever else it may be.

This book is about a 15 year old girl named Torrey Grey who faces many obstacles through a certain period of her life when her 12 year old sister, Miranda Jo Grey dies from a tragic accident… which was kind of her fault.

Miranda died at a crosswalk because of a drunk driver. It all started when Torrey’s best friend, Zoe wanted to be a part of her vlog on You Tube. Torrey was a vlogger who vlogged about fashion and makeup. She was pretty famous, on the internet, at least. Miranda and Torrey had an argument like they usually did. Torrey tried to make Miranda agree on being the person behind the camera to film her and Zoe for her next vlog. Miranda got so pissed of that she walked away… That’s when it happened… BOOM! She gets hit by a car, she was crossing legally, but apparently the driver was drunk.

They were currently in Colorado, but after the tragic accident they moved to Texas. Torrey had to transfer schools, that means new friends, new life.

Torrey hasn’t vlogged since then, she was also receiving mean comments on her videos because her fans think that she’s using her sister’s death to get fame. It’s not like that at all! ~_~

in her new school she was hoping no one would recognize her as BeautyStarz15, her You Tube name since she’s been receiving nothing but hateful comments. In her old school she was one of the popular girls and now she’s hoping to be one again in her new school. She meets Blair the most popular girl in school with her two other followers Mia and Emily.

Thanks to Torrey’s sense of fashion Blair notices her. She started from a new student to sitting with the popular kids at lunch. Blair really liked her, but Mia didn’t. She was the only one who new about her vlogs.

Besides from meeting the popular kids she also meets Luis Rivera. The person next in line to own his dad’s funeral home business. Luis was actually popular before, but so many things happened.

Torrey also has a problem with her mom being a traumatized rag doll, well I wouldn’t blame her, out of the blue her daughter suddenly dies.

While looking through her bag she notices a note that said to go home. Torrey got really mad, she assumed that it was Luis the guy with the Funeral Home so she went to him. Torrey met Luis’ abuelita and her friend, they talked about skeletons and el Dia de los Muertos, The Day Of The Dead.

Turns out Luis wasn’t the one who put the note in Torrey’s bag, but she did unintentionally spend time with Luis and his exhausting exercises in the bottom of their Funeral Home. They talked about el Dia de los Muertos and ofrendas for the dead. Ofrendas are gifts you give to the dead that made them happy when they were still alive during el Dia de los Muertos.

She liked Luis, but she wasn’t sure. To bad Blair didn’t like him and Torrey would do anything just to impress Blair so she could stay in the popular table.

Torrey had nightmares and she kept thinking about Luis and what he said about the ofrendas. So every night when she couldn’t sleep she’d sneak down to the garage and collect one of Miranda’s most valuable things.

Torrey was still in good vibes with Blair, but Mia was trying to ruin that. While that happened she spent time with Luis. They went to a restaurant together which I got so excited and happy about because it was somewhat like a date! ^O^ They also went to the cemetery together which was my favorite scene of all! (Pages 174-175) Torrey had a hard time expressing her feelings so Luis was there to help her and etc. (Read for yourself to get the feelzzz!) That was when the feelzzz started!! Oh gosh that was sooooo cute!! YOU guys need to read for yourself if you like romance and all.

They also kissed ^O^ YEAH!! Lol sorry… (From a different scene) P.S They kissed because Luis gave Torrey socks with socks, something her sister Miranda wanted before she died. ^O^

After that she avoided him, not because she didn’t like it when they kissed (She was the one who kissed him the first place) it was because she still cared about what Blair thought about her.

I almost left out Raylene! She’s Torrey’s cousin. There’s also Ross a popular dude who plays football and he used to be friends with Luis.

Raylene was having a Halloween party. She wanted Blair and Mia to come since they were so popular. Torrey convinced them by letting them be on her vlog.

At the party Torrey saw Luis, they kissed again!! Yay! ^O^ BUT They had a little fight, truthfully it was just Torrey who was getting mad. Blair and Mia were thinking about taking some back ground picks in the mortuary (Funeral Home) for the vlog. And guess who owns the Funeral Home, Luis and his family! (Being over drmatic, lol)Torrey new how to get in the mortuary.

They went in and stuff happened…. (tsk.. tsk…)

Blair and Mia being the cruel popular girls they are locked her in one of the doors in the Funeral Home and ditched her. She had some time to think about what she did wrong and what was happening. After that she went to the cemetery to celebrate el Dia de los Muertos, she took all the ofrendas that she saved up for her sister and laid it next her tombstone. Torrey slept in the cemetery afterwards. When she woke up Luis was there (Because he cared! ^O^ The feelzzz!). They talked about many things, turns out Luis and Ross are now okay with each other and so are they! YAY!!

Sorry it’s kind of confusing like I said this is my first book review. Hoped you enjoy! ^_^

I really recommend this book for people who are interested in fluffy cute romance. It’s a really great book!

Ranking (1-10): 8 (FOR ME, that’s how I think of the book.)

Any questions about the book I’ll gladly answer, just comment down below! ^_^