Book Review #4:|The Vampire Stalker|Allison Van Diepen|[Podcast Ver.]

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The Runaways [PREVIEW/TRAILER]|Angela P.|

The Runaways is a story that came up in my head and decided to share to the world!

Trailer/ Preview to ‘The Runaways’ is where the video originated made by Angela P.

Story created by: AngelaP.  (If the story sounds familiar, Angela P. did not plagiarize, story came from the top of her head.)

Pictures|Audio|Video: from Animoto & Google

Background Audio: For Rain- Dax Johnson

Student exploring the world of creativity, Angela P. has decided to make her own little story, ‘The Runaways’.


Book Review # 3: |Infinity Ring: A Mutiny In Time| James Dasher|

Book Review # 3:

3 Infinity Ring A Mutiny In Time

Title: Infinity Ring: A Mutiny In Time (Book One)

Author: James Dasher

Genre: |Adventure|

Before the book review I’ll start off by telling you where I bought the book from :). So this is another book I bought from Scholastic for $12.99 (US), but this was somewhat like a sale in my school’s book fair so I bought it for like $5 ;).

Anyways let’s start! 😉

The book, Infinity Ring: A Mutiny In Time, is one of the few books in the series of Infinity Ring, created by James Dasher. In the book the two main characters Dak Smyth, a historian geek and Sera Froste, a science nerd stumble (which by the way are little kids with a lot of knowledge, lol) across a mysterious machine in Mr. and Mrs. Smyth’s laboratory. Before we go on let’s rewind a bit and explain to you what’s really happening in their world.

History, the past, has been broken, everything’s a mess. Now the SQ (an evil government) have taken over the US and maybe other parts of the world. More people are afraid of the government more than ever! Dak’s parents have been working on a time machine called the ‘Infinity Ring’ to help fix the past. This is when Dak and Sera, the two little geniuses decide to disobey Dak’s parents and go inside their secret based laboratory and of course snoop around.

What else could these little noisy nerds do in a lab, but finally fix the missing pieces of the Infinity Ring that two other adults couldn’t do………… hhhhhmmmmmm…. well moving on.. (Sera was actually the one who finally got the Infinity Ring to work because she’s the science nerd, Dak’s the obsessed historian geek that strangely loves to eat cheese…)

Once they actually found out that the Infinity Ring was a time machine, they understood why Dak’s parents were trying to build it in the first place. After Dak’s parents came home they had to figure out a way to tell them that they got the Infinity Ring to work without getting killed for being disobedient little children. Dak told his parents the whole story and surprisingly had to face a small lecture, nothing to big.

The next day Dak’s parents, Dak, and Sera gathered in the lab to test the Infinity Ring. Oh it worked alright…. they transported all the way smack dab into the middle of the Revolutionary War (Dak). They were in a bit of a pickle once they saw the British heading towards them, they tried to hide, but got caught in the end. Dak’s dad tried to transport themselves back before anything gruesome could happen,but ended up transporting the kids back without Dak’s parents.

After Dak and Sera find out that they were back in the lab, little Dak had a huge fit. Sera felt bad, but the situation got even worse when they got bombarded by a bunch of man in black suits.

Both Dak and Sera are being held hostage and questioned about the Infinity Ring… (The Hystorians are a secret society of people that are trying to fix the past to restore the present). The leader of the Hystorians Brint, give Dak and Sera a mission to fix the past using the Infinity Ring with help from a young hystorian named, Riq.

There first mission was to travel back to 1492 and try to fix the great breaks with Christopher Columbus and woah that was crazy! (I won’t spoil you that much 😉 )

They go on an adventure trying to fix the past while avoiding SQ agents that guard different places in the broken history, and they also try to find Dak’s parents… which is harder then what you think it is.

Angela’s Guide To: How do you know when someone is lying?

Today’s Topic–>> How do you know when someone is lying?

giphy (1)

There’s a bunch of ways to know when someone’s lying, but it can get kinda tricky.

So read carefully and follow these simple steps! 🙂



The way they move there body (they may fidget, fiddle with there fingers, looking anywhere else but you, swaying, biting their lips, etc).



If you ask them a question or anything relating to the topic that they might have lied to you, they may have changed the way they talk (they may stutter, repeat there sentences/ words over again, forget their words, avoid the question, bring up the “uuummms….” and “aaaahhhs…..”, etc)



There actions can be really obvious or they could just straight up tell you. 😉 😉

This is Angela’s Guide!

 Thank you for reading and hopefully you can use this information! 3 little steps that I think can tell if someone’s lying. 🙂

🙂 Why  don’t you give it a go and share what you know to the world! 🙂

Creative Project: Poetry

The Deep Dark Forest Run

Speaker: Angela P. (AngelaPmdcps)

 “Boom!” goes the loud thundering sky, threatening me to hide.

The feeling of the cold raindrops splashing against my skin as I run and run through the deep dark forest.

I run and run until I could no longer stand, looking at my surroundings lost in the deep dark end.

The feeling of wet leaves against my cold feet, I run deeper in the ominous forest, feeling bold as ever.

Who knew I would reach this far?

I turned around, and around, knowing for sure that I was lost.

Should I have ran?

The question plays on repeat in my head, thinking this will be the last dead end.

My stomach churns at the uneasy feeling, then suddenly the tree branches gather around me, surrounding me. Mocking me, haunting me…

I think to myself, “This will be the death of me”.

So many things are going through my head, I was confused and lost in the deep dark end.

As if my feet were on time, I started running again.

Lost as I was, I didn’t think of anything else.

I run and run trying to escape, without noticing the feeling of the cold wet leaves leaving my aching feet.

Just as I processed what just happened, I already feel the world collapsing around me as the cold-hard air pushing me down, gravity betraying me like I was some kind of fool.

I plunge down to the deep dark abyss that was waiting for me.

The deep dark forest waved goodbye, as it was out of sight.