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Creative Project: Poetry

The Deep Dark Forest Run

Speaker: Angela P. (AngelaPmdcps)

 “Boom!” goes the loud thundering sky, threatening me to hide.

The feeling of the cold raindrops splashing against my skin as I run and run through the deep dark forest.

I run and run until I could no longer stand, looking at my surroundings lost in the deep dark end.

The feeling of wet leaves against my cold feet, I run deeper in the ominous forest, feeling bold as ever.

Who knew I would reach this far?

I turned around, and around, knowing for sure that I was lost.

Should I have ran?

The question plays on repeat in my head, thinking this will be the last dead end.

My stomach churns at the uneasy feeling, then suddenly the tree branches gather around me, surrounding me. Mocking me, haunting me…

I think to myself, “This will be the death of me”.

So many things are going through my head, I was confused and lost in the deep dark end.

As if my feet were on time, I started running again.

Lost as I was, I didn’t think of anything else.

I run and run trying to escape, without noticing the feeling of the cold wet leaves leaving my aching feet.

Just as I processed what just happened, I already feel the world collapsing around me as the cold-hard air pushing me down, gravity betraying me like I was some kind of fool.

I plunge down to the deep dark abyss that was waiting for me.

The deep dark forest waved goodbye, as it was out of sight.


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