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The Runaways
Young-Author: Angela P.
The Runaways (NEW)
For all your life, you’ve been living a lie. How would you feel if you found that out? That you’ve been living 18 years of your life in a big lie and your mother was keeping the truth away from you without knowing it herself.
Well, that’s what’s exactly happening to Evelyn.
Before she could find out the whole truth, she goes through a few major bumps in the road.
Dealing with her so called mother, a bit of depression here and there, almost killing a runaway that’s basically dealing with the same problem as her, a few shocking events along the way… But you know, it’s not that bad…..
For most of your life, you’ve been running away from your father, from everything.
How would you feel if your dad just put you aside and caged you in foster homes, but still claims you as his “son”? Confusing, right?
Well, that’s what Jackson has been going through ever since his mother died in an airplane accident.
He’s been facing a few major bumps in the road along with Evelyn, the girl that basically almost scared the daylights out of him.
Two similar humans facing similar problems, running away from the same solutions. Can they face all these few major bumps in the road together? Or will one fall and break down from staying strong too long…
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10 Years From Now~ Future Me

Dear– ugh, no, no, no that’s not how I start my things. It’s 2025, ten years have gone already, it’s unbelievable! Since my younger self’s gonna read this I’ll give you some little pointers and cool things that will happen to you.

First off I’d like to start by saying that you’ll be successful in life doing a job that you wouldn’t even think you’ll be doing. So stop carrying the world on your shoulders, everything’s gonna be alright. Follow what your heart wants not what the people around you say, I know it’s a bit cheesy, but trust me once you step foot to what you love doing you’ll be heading on the correct path to success. 

A little pointer to you- don’t get distracted from your studies! Oh and one thing you’ll never stop doing- man these different colored fonts are so cool! Oh, sorry, what was I saying… you’ll never stop PROCRASTINATING!


Don’t worry you’ll make it through because another thing you won’t ever stop doing is trying harder every single day and getting up when you fall down! 

This is your future self 10 years from now! Look forward to growing up, don’t be scared because everything’s gonna be fine and it’s gonna be fun! 😉

Tell Tale Heart Essay

   An assignment my class did for language arts class! 🙂


The ‘Tell Tale Heart’, is a short story full of suspense, which is also included in a film. The short story and the film shows the characters’ fear and anxiety, while describing dramatic sights and sounds. They also repeat words, phrases, and actions to create suspense. ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ is about a man who lives with another man that has a disturbing vulture-like eye. That makes the man go bizarre because the other’s vulture-like eye  looked mutated and disgusting, making the man very paranoid. He decides to murder the man with the abnormal-looking eye. Edgar Allan Poe, and the film maker show the ‘Tell Tale Heart’ with an abundant amount of suspense, catching the readers attention.

Poe’s story, the ‘Tell Tale Heart’, creates a lot of suspense by using a few techniques to get the reader really curious and interested. For example, in many lines of Poe’s short story, he repeats a few words and phrases now and then. Like the characters’ movements, Poe repeats the characters’ actions making it more suspenseful. The repetition creates a sense of tension making the readers hooked on the story. Poe also relatively describes the characters’ sights and sounds to something else, making it more detailed and understanding, showing great suspense.

On the other hand, the film maker, with the same ‘Tell Tale Heart’ story shows the same technique for creating suspense, but with a little something extra. Like Poe’s techniques, the film maker shows suspense using the sense of sight and hearing. Compared to the story, the film shows a somewhat higher level of suspense. This time the reader/watcher can actually see and hear what’s happening. This action creates powerful suspense that can hook the readers’/watchers’ attention. Both film and story use the same technique in different ways to catch the readers’ attention through the power of suspense.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this school year? [Survey]

2015 is about to end and enter a new year! What is the most important thing you’ve learned this year? 🙂