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10 Years From Now~ Future Me

Dear– ugh, no, no, no that’s not how I start my things. It’s 2025, ten years have gone already, it’s unbelievable! Since my younger self’s gonna read this I’ll give you some little pointers and cool things that will happen to you.

First off I’d like to start by saying that you’ll be successful in life doing a job that you wouldn’t even think you’ll be doing. So stop carrying the world on your shoulders, everything’s gonna be alright. Follow what your heart wants not what the people around you say, I know it’s a bit cheesy, but trust me once you step foot to what you love doing you’ll be heading on the correct path to success. 

A little pointer to you- don’t get distracted from your studies! Oh and one thing you’ll never stop doing- man these different colored fonts are so cool! Oh, sorry, what was I saying… you’ll never stop PROCRASTINATING!


Don’t worry you’ll make it through because another thing you won’t ever stop doing is trying harder every single day and getting up when you fall down! 

This is your future self 10 years from now! Look forward to growing up, don’t be scared because everything’s gonna be fine and it’s gonna be fun! 😉


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