Angela’s Guide To: Decision-Making Process [Angela’s Ver.]

Today’s topic–>> How do you make decisions? [Angela’s Version]

Here’s my guide to my personal step-by-step decision-making process. 🙂 Enjoy~

Solution 1 2 or 3 Choice Showing Strategy Options Decisions Or Solving

Solution 1 2 or 3 Choice Shows Strategy Options Decisions Or Solving

 How do I choose what to wear, what to eat, which to buy, what song to listen to, which shoes to wear, which correct answer to a question, etcetera, you get the point? 

For me->


I narrow down my choices, make sure to choose the ones you’d probably use/do/say. Like if you were to choose from what bag to buy. I’d go for the one that would help me more on caring my stuff, or think about what the bag would be used for besides the obvious reasons. Maybe you wanna answer a question from your test, but your not quite sure which ones correct. Just try to narrow your choices and put that question as a real world problem, apply all the knowledge you have and use common sense.


Once you narrow your choices and pick your correct decision then here comes the ‘second thought process’. Make sure before you decide on this particular thing you have to have your list of pros and con, of course, pros reigning over the cons. You have to have a really good cause or reason for choosing that decision.


Last but not least, if you really can’t choose or decide, ask for an opinion or just do the random eeny, meany, miny, mo game, let the faint of your finger decide on your decision. Sounds stupid, but sometimes it might just work! 😉

 Share your part of the world by showing how you do your decision-making process, maybe it might just help someone! Hope my process helps some of you guys! 🙂