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Book Review #7: Cured| Bethany Wiggins

Book Review #7

Book: Cured

Author: Bethany Wiggins

5 Cured

I bought Cured on scholastics.com for $6.99 (US)


Let’s make this short and sweet. \(^u^)/

Most of you know that the book Cured is a sequel to the novel Stung. I recommend you guys to read the first book, Stung, before you read Cured, BUT don’t take away just yet. Promise you there are NO SPOILERS what so ever, my book review is short and sweet. 😉

In Cured, the point of view changes. Instead of the main character Fiona from the last book, now it’s Jacqui, a side character. To be honest I was kind of disappointed that the point of view changes but the novel was still really good.

Let me tell you this. What you’re about to enter in Cured is a whole lot of ROMANCE... gihihi

I’m that type of girl, so if you’re not well bye. lol

So anyways in the book Jacqui has been disguised as a male just to survive around this world. There’re not many females left in Jacqui’s environment because of the raiders. They are the men who get drunk with power, they basically rape any type of female human they see.

With her disguise as a guy, she’s set off looking for her brother Dean who suddenly disappears out of the picture after escorting Fiona and Jonas’ mother to safety. She gets help from Fiona, Fiona’s boyfriend, Bowen, and Fiona’s twin brother, Jonas.  Along the way she meets Kevin. Somehow this guy knows things about Jacqui that not many people know, pretty creepy…

They form a relationship in search of her brother, Dean. When Kevin and Jacqui meet it’s just a huge fire ball of romance hitting you.

They hear rumors about a safe place called Wyoming. All of them assume that’s where Dean is and other people so they journey over there.

Hmmm, you guys should read it, I’ll keep quiet for now. ;p

Look forward to the situations they get stuck in and how they get out, it somehow always ends up nowhere related to what situation they were in the first place.

Aye Aye Bye~~~~


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