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Book Review #10| The Lost Boy| Dave Pelzer

Book Review #10

Book: The Lost Boy (Trilogy to The Boy Called “It”)


Author: Dave Pelzer

Rating(1-10): 9

I gave this book a 9 because of how it really shows you how Dave struggled and how his life was proceeding after he got away from his mother. It gives you detail by detail about everything that happens and it makes you feel like if you were experiencing it as well. I really thought this book had a real emotional aura because it gave me a really good reading experience. *Thumbs up*

Synopsis (+opinions):

The novel, The Lost Boy  is basically how a young boy faces the abuse of his mother and how he tries to escape from her. Ever since he turned six his mother changed all at once and started treating him like a rag doll. It’s seriously insanely inhumane how this boy is treated. From beatings to starvations to being emotionally corrupted, you name it.

The little guy finally finds some kind of courage to escape from his home. He goes through a short journey but ends up with a police. After his parents actually allowed him to go to school, a few days later a teacher finds out what his mother’s been doing to him. The same police from before help him get away from his mother. Just after the teacher tells, when school ends the police takes him to a foster care.

Aunt Mary, the owner of the foster care asks what happened to him, but he could never really tell them what mother has been doing to him. He thinks it’s all his fault and that he deserved everything that’s happened to him. It’s just sad how he takes the blame for it when he doesn’t even know what really happened to him in the past.

A whole lot of stuff happened after he was given to Lilian and Rudy Catanze, his foster parents. Did I mention that he’s been treated so badly that he doesn’t even remember his OWN NAME! Sigh…. Just makes me so upset!! (/T0T)/ Anyways he meets a boy that claims to be his friend but just uses him for his own benefit. -(*^*)- Aish makes me wanna just rip the book but it’s not mine so… lol. These two almost set the classroom on fire and the boy blamed it all on poor little Dave (which is his name). He ends up in Juvenile Hall.

Few years past and Dave was released, but he was put in multiple foster homes. After more years he decides to join the U.S Air Force instead of going to high school for slow learners. Dave never gave up on his abusive mother and hoped she would love him again but sadly that never came… The only person that gave him what he really wanted was Alice, his new foster mother.

To find out what happens next to little ole’ Dave read the next book called, A Man Named Dave. Hope you liked my review! This book was really amazing, I literally cried on just the first chapter no lies.


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