The Runaways|Chapter 1|Angela P.|

I didn’t mean to hit you with my car, but that’s how it all started…

Author’s POV-

The sound of the pounding alarm blasted through the room, waking up Evelyn. She groggily sat up and quickly turned off the alarm for the fifth time this morning. Looking at the clock, she panics, a worried expression painted on her face.

“Holy cow! I’m gonna be late.”

Ava aka Evelyn yelled, quickly dashing into the bathroom. Half an hour later, after feeding Jack, Ava’s golden retriever, she exits the condominium worried about what her grandparents would say.

Crossing the bridge from New York to New Jersey took a century for Evelyn and she was already half an hour late. Ava decided to speed her way through to her destination when she had the slightest chance, almost crashing into a few cars here and there, but no biggie.

Ava’s mind filled with thoughts as she illegally sped through the highways trying hard not to be caught on a red light. She thought of what her grandparents would say to her, would they be mad at her? It’s not that big of a deal, really, but according to Ava and her grandparents, it is.

Ever since Evelyn’s grandmother, Doria, got sent to the ER last summer and her grandfather, Liam reacting to the cause with a heart attack, they’ve become adhesive. Evelyn’s grandparents were afraid of not experiencing the full grandchild adventure. They didn’t want to pass away without spending their precious time with their one and only grandchild.


Meanwhile, back in New York, Jackson was in his fourth foster care, ready to escape the hell-hound with his little buddy, Pizza, an edge water parrot. His old foster care homes were all as bad as this one, but there was something different about it. Jack crouches near the back exit of the foster care, trying to figure a way out without the two guards standing across from each other at the back exit notice.

‘This is gonna be easy, as long as they don’t call my ‘All Mighty and Powerful father’ I think I’ll be fine…’

Jack thought, exaggerating the all mighty and powerful part in his mind. The exaggeration part might probably have been true since Jack’s father owns one of the largest well-known company in the eastern and southern part of the United States. And almost closing into the amount of wealth as the most possibly richest person in the United States, but enough with that.


A small frail boy with a nest of light brown hair and light blue eyes about seven years of age appears out of the bushes across from him. Jackson was startled, jolting a little. The little boy scared the daylights out of the elder, his heart racing like a bullet train.

“God, Daniel! You scared the life out of me! Don’t do that.”

Jackson yelped, exaggerating his every movement. While Daniel laughed trying to contain it in, his face turning crimson red and beads of sweat forming on the sides of his head, his hair sticking to his moist skin.

“Sorry, Jack, I just wanted to say goodbye before you leave.”

The smaller smiled, calming himself after a laughing seizure, showing a little bit of sadness in his voice. Knowing that once Jackson leaves, everything will turn back the way it was about a year ago, when every bit of his soul sunk down into darkness, his happiness caged up far away from where he couldn’t even put up with a smile anymore. Jack smiled at the little boy in front of him, knowing what would happen if he left little Daniel alone in the foster care.

“Listen to me Daniel, you know obviously that I’m leaving, but-”

Jackson smiled showing glee, his hands holding Daniel’s small shoulders.

“I’m coming back. To take you with me when I figure out how, ok?”

The younger bit his lip, trying to hold back from a river of tears.

“B-but can’t I just come with you now?”

“I wish, buddy, but you can’t. They’ll think I kidnapped you and I can go to- what I mean is that it’ll be harder for me to run away, but I promise you I’ll find a way.”

Daniel smiled, understanding the situation.

“Don’t take too long, ok?”

“Yes sir!”

Jack saluted accompanied with a wink, the smaller received a pat on the head smiling contently.

“Come on, do your thing, Pizza.”

The edge water parrot nodded slightly, in a few seconds, Pizza darts into action aiming for the two bodyguards near the entrance. In the blink of an eye the ferocious parrot simultaneously attacks the bald-headed guards. The parrot squawked three times signaling Jack that it was the right time to make an escape.

“I’ll see you soon, promise.”

Daniel nodded feeling the dark sadness take over him, but he wasn’t gonna let that emotion take him whole. He showed a gleeful smile for Jackson as he watched him escape from the foster care. Jackson’s a very important person to Daniel, he was like a big brother to him, a big brother that showed him the light for the first time in who knows how many years and how to smile with true meaning.


The parrot flew up bit by bit trying to hide in the clouds following Jackson all the way down on the ground.

Minutes past and still the owner of the foster care and his guards were on Jackson’s tail.

“God, hen are these people gonna stop following me…”

Jackson sped up his pace on his penny board panting loudly from exhaustion. A few more minutes past and in an instant they were already in New Jersey.

“Where can I loose them? Man… I got it!”

Straight ahead there was a small alley enough to fit a person, Jackson skated through the long alley resulting in losing the owner and his goons in their huge car. To make sure he really lost them out of his tracks, Jack takes an unexpected turn quite quickly through an even smaller spaced alley.


‘Almost there, just need to turn!’

Evelyn stepped on the peddle a little harder changing her speed limit from twenty-five to fifty mph, but in the blink of an eye something or more likely someone flies right in front of her mustang.


In an instant she slams her foot on the brakes, the scene flashed before her eyes and in that moment she realized she hit something, she hit someone and probably killed the unlucky stranger.

Jack exaggeratingly flipped himself towards the floor as he saw his dream car aiming at him in full speed. Surprisingly it didn’t knock him out dead and kill him right then and there. The scene was so frightening to Jackson that he almost said bye bye to the lights. The collision between Evelyn’s car and Jackson’s body, which actually merely touched the mustang, left Ava in distress. Without thinking, she got out the car as fast as she could and kneeled right next to Jack’s body.

“Oh my god… what the heck did I just do! Please tell me you’re not dead! Wake up, guy! Do I have to do CPR on this kid? I knew I shouldn’t have sped…”

A few seconds passed and those were the most heart-stopping moments Ava’s ever experienced in her whole life. She leaned forward to the unmoving body right next to her ready to use CPR on the poor kid, but before Ava could do anything else Jackson recklessly sat up after hearing the stranger say CPR.

“You’re not stealing my first kiss!”

Evelyn’s eyes widened in surprised as she leaped to the side moving away from the boy that was panting and ranting about nonsense that she could care less about. Ava was just glad she didn’t kill the kid that meant she wouldn’t have to spend the rest of her life in prison.

“Oh my god, you’re alive! Thank god!”

Evelyn screamed and without thinking she jumped and tackled Jackson with a hug.

“Yes I’m alive, what do you th- Ow!””

Jackson retorted, but got cut short as he felt a pang of pain on his right ankle.

“I’m sorry… Did I hurt you?”

“My ankle, I landed on it when I fell…”

Evelyn’s face turned a quick shade of white, pale as a vampire, she might not have killed him, but she did sure injure him. Ava knew that she’d have to take care of this situation and she had to take care of it now because out of the back of her head she realized that her grandparents were still probably waiting for her, and at some point her grandparents were bound to get a hard attack.

Ava lifted his arm and settled it around her shoulder for walking support.

“Come on, I’ll treat your ankle in my house.”

“Don’t worry I got it, its fine, I don’t need your help.”

‘Rude much…’

Ava thought as she still tried to help him up.

“Ouch! Ow…!”

Jack yelped as the pain poked him like a needle on every spot of his bruised ankle.

“Yes, you do need help, you got hit by a car how can you not need any help!”

“You didn’t hi-”

Jackson stopped as he saw the car that was chasing him a few moments ago, cruising through the neighborhood slowly, heading their way.

“Second thought, I do need help, a lot of help, ouch!”

Evelyn sighed as they slowly walked to the porch of a nearby pink house-apartment, but the pace quickened since Jack rushed to get there so he wouldn’t be seen.

“Wait here, I left my bag in the car.”

‘You got to be kidding me! That stupid car’s coming…!’

Without thinking, Jack pulled Evelyn into a small garden of bushes causing them to fall with a thump. All he needed was four seconds of silence, four seconds. Surprisingly the girl didn’t yell or hit him for doing such thing, she went all beast mode on the poor runaway, and Jackson had to use all his strength just to keep the girl quiet, he felt her heart racing. Finally after centuries of waiting, the car finally past, Jack waited for a few more moments till the car’s engine was out of hearing distance. He finally let go of the squirming iguana from his grip.

“What was that for?! You littl-”


“How dare you! I’m trying to give you some help, but you repay me by tackling me in a bush!”

“I- There was a car passing by. It’s chasing after me…”

Jackson thought there was no point of hiding it from a girl that could beat a hurricane.

“A what?”

“Can we just go inside? I’ll explain everything to you.”

Jack tried getting up but failed, so Evelyn sighed and quickly got up helping the injured boy and led him to the porch making him sit on the stairs.

“Just wait here, I need to park and get my bag.”

Ava quickly got to her car parking it in the parking space, getting her bag as she got out.

‘What was that about… Am I possibly helping some kind of criminal or something, he said some car’s hunting him down, I swear if I go to jail for this I’ll drag him down with me….’

Evelyn had a million thoughts racing in her head, on her way she almost slipped on Jackson’s penny board lying in the middle of nowhere. She picked it up assuming it was the guy’s.


Evelyn handed him the penny board and hurriedly took out her keys and began opening the door. A loud bird-like whistle alarmed Ava and stopped her from opening the door any further.

“What the heck was that?!”

Ava yelled as her heart thumped like during the fall-in-the-bushes scene with the stranger.


Jackson pointed out the incoming parrot flying towards them. Evelyn panicked as the bird landed on her shoulder.

“Get it off! Get it off!”

Her arms flew everywhere trying to brush the parrot off.

“Hey! Relax, she’s not gonna eat you.”
Jack held out his arm and automatically Pizza flew to it and settled on.

“Is that your parrot?”


“There’s no way I’m letting you in my house with that thing.”

“Oh come on, she’s not gonna do any harm, plus you hit me with your car an-”

“Okay, okay I get your point, she can come in, but she better not touch, eat, scrape, scratch, or hurl anything in my apartment. Got it?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Jackson replied sarcastically accompanied with a salute, the edge water parrot squawked in return.

‘Wait, my grandparents are gonna lose their voices if they see I brought a boy in the apartment especially if they find out I almost killed the guy! They’ll argue with my ‘Know it All Mom’ and a huge fight’s bound to happen, but I already opened the door, I can’t turn back now…’

Ava thought as her palms began to moisten and her heart started to beat faster.


What’s going to happen?


Preview of Chapter 2- Am I helping a criminal?->

“I-It’s not what it looks like!”

Ava and Jack yelled in unison. Jackson pushes Ava of the bed, falling down with a loud thump.

“Ow! Why you littl-”

Evelyn was cut short from going to beast mode again.


“Just because I run for my life doesn’t mean I steal… Ish. And plus I ran away for different reasons than what your thinking.”

Jackson rolls his eyes tucking away the electronic that was supposedly claimed stolen.


“You’re staying here until your injury subsides, got it? Until that happens you’re not allowed to leave my sight, got it?”

‘Am I being too bossy…hmmmm, nah. If he snitches on me I’d probably get sued or get thrown in jail for carelessly driving, oh and almost killing a guy.’


How did I do? Please give me some feedback because I honestly don’t know how I’m doing with this. I think I wrote to much… Sigh.


|The Runaways|Angela P.|Synopsis|

The Runaways
Young-Author: Angela P.
The Runaways (NEW)
For all your life, you’ve been living a lie. How would you feel if you found that out? That you’ve been living 18 years of your life in a big lie and your mother was keeping the truth away from you without knowing it herself.
Well, that’s what’s exactly happening to Evelyn.
Before she could find out the whole truth, she goes through a few major bumps in the road.
Dealing with her so called mother, a bit of depression here and there, almost killing a runaway that’s basically dealing with the same problem as her, a few shocking events along the way… But you know, it’s not that bad…..
For most of your life, you’ve been running away from your father, from everything.
How would you feel if your dad just put you aside and caged you in foster homes, but still claims you as his “son”? Confusing, right?
Well, that’s what Jackson has been going through ever since his mother died in an airplane accident.
He’s been facing a few major bumps in the road along with Evelyn, the girl that basically almost scared the daylights out of him.
Two similar humans facing similar problems, running away from the same solutions. Can they face all these few major bumps in the road together? Or will one fall and break down from staying strong too long…
Check out the trailer! 🙂

The Runaways [PREVIEW/TRAILER]|Angela P.|

The Runaways is a story that came up in my head and decided to share to the world!

Trailer/ Preview to ‘The Runaways’ is where the video originated made by Angela P.

Story created by: AngelaP.  (If the story sounds familiar, Angela P. did not plagiarize, story came from the top of her head.)

Pictures|Audio|Video: from Animoto & Google

Background Audio: For Rain- Dax Johnson

Student exploring the world of creativity, Angela P. has decided to make her own little story, ‘The Runaways’.