MAUS I & II Activity (Project)

Part 1:

Maus 1

Chapter 1 – This is a graphic memoir. A graphic memoir tells a person’s life through text and drawings. Why does Art Spiegelman use mice instead of people to portray the characters in the story? What do the mice represent?

Art Spiegelman used mice to portray people because mice are rodents that people don’t like, humans are disgusted by them. That’s why Spiegelman used mice so he could represent the Jews position during the Holocaust.

Chapter 2 – Why does Ms. Stefanska go to jail? What role did Anja play in Ms. Stefanska’s going to jail?

Ms. Stefanska was caught having notes that dealt with Communists in her store. Anja was the cause of Ms. Stefanska going to jail because she told her to hide the notes that Anja was trying to hide from the police who were gonna search her home.

Chapter 3 -What does Vladek mean on page 50, when he says, “Well at least I did something.” Do you believe that he is justified in feeling this way? Explain.

Vladek felt like he had to do something at least, even if it was killing one person because he thought that the war was too much and wanted to make sure he wouldn’t suffer nor would his son.

Chapter 4 – Although Jews were allowed only limited rations under the Nazi occupation, Vladek manages to circumvent these restrictions for a while. What methods does he use to support himself and his family?

Vladek took advantage of the people who owed him and he deals in black marketing.

Chapter 5 – How did Vladek care for Anja after the destruction of the Srodula ghetto? Contrast his behavior toward his first wife, during the worst years of the war, with the way he now treats Mala.

Vladek was very caring and loving about Anja, he worried about her all the time and loved her truly. After marrying Mala he treats her like if she wasn’t even his wife, he doesn’t spend his money or give her the attention she should get because he thinks that Mala is after her money.

Chapter 6 – Why does Artie call his father a murderer? Is he justified? Who else has he called a murderer, and why?

Artie calls his father a murderer because he destroyed the last memories of his mother. Artie used t0 call his mother a murder because she killed herself leaving his son alone.

Part 2:

Maus 2

 Write an overall impression of what Vladek went through in Auschwitz and how it changed him. How has it affected Artie and Francoise?

Vladek went through hell during the Holocaust. He experienced fear, starvation, hopelessness, and more uneasy feelings. Vladek had been struggling to keep himself and Anja alive. They had a hard time hiding, finding food and staying together. Every since then Vladek has been rational about everything, from food to money. Since Mala left Vladek, his son Artie and Artie’s girlfriend, Francoise stayed with Artie to see how he can live by himself in the future. They discover how tight he was with his money, food, pills, and other things in his household. After what Artie’s father had been through he’s been always cautious on what he would do each day and how to preserve things.


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